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Purple Products

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Founded and established in 2004 by Mr. Niranjan Upadhyaya and his two sons, with a collective experience of 40 years in Metal Industry, Purple Products Pvt. Ltd. plays the role of exporter, importer and distributor, providing quality metals and giving India’s metal market a new thrust. We understand the trends in metal market and with warehousing facilities in various cities gives us unique advantage to distribute metals to all our customers successfully.

We are one of the founder member of ICDX from its launch in 2012 and India’s leading importer of metals; sustaining our reputation as a reliable, customer-oriented, dynamic player in the market. Being the “preferred choice” both for customers and suppliers, we strive to build long-term relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

UNISEG Products

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The story of UNISEG Products started in 2010, when inventor and entrepreneur, Fenton Goddard, was helping a friend in his scrap metal recycling business, where he noticed that the transportation and storage of used lead acid batteries using wood pallets, didn’t appear to be either safe, good for the environment or very efficient. In his subsequent search for a container that would address these short comings he was disappointed that the plastic crates or bins being used created a significant OSH risk when loading and unloading batteries and could not be collapsed for efficient reverse logistics.

Being a compulsive inventor, Fenton set about developing a purpose built container that provided for the ergonomic loading of heavy batteries via its front load configuration and was collapsible when empty for cost effective transportation. The resulting Battery Transport & Storage (BTS) Container is designed for the safe, environmentally sustainable and efficient storage and transportation of used lead acid batteries for the battery recycling industry.

The BTS Container provides safe and convenient storage of Used Battery Generator’s batteries and for the batteries to then be securely transported directly to a Recycler for automatic unloading. This eliminates the manual, double handling that is common within the lead acid battery recycling industry.

In 2015 UNISEG Products, formed a new division, Battery Rescue Australia Pty Ltd (www.batteryrescue.com.au) to develop and demonstrate a battery collection business using the BTS Container, in Perth Western Australia. As part of the service Battery Rescue is providing the BTS Container for free to Used Battery Generators (UBG) to store their ULABs and when full, will then collect the BTS Container at the same time providing an empty exchange unit. The service has proven popular, driven by companies wanting to meet their “duty of care” and “chain of responsibility” requirements with respect to the regulation compliant storage and transportation of used lead acid batteries.

UNISEG Products believe the BTS Container will create a “paradigm change” in how the battery recycling industry operates here in Australia and elsewhere globally.

Wirtz Group

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WIRTZ Manufacturing is a global leader in equipment design and technology for the lead acid battery market.  Founded in 1932, the company focus has been on high quality products, continuous improvement of existing technologies, and the development of new technologies.  Through this philosophy, WIRTZ has been able to develop some of the key technologies known and used today.  By acquiring OXMASTER Paste Mixing, LEKO Battery Assembly, CONBRO Formation Equipment and BATTERY RECYCLING SYSTEMS, WIRTZ has been able to expand its portfolio of technology in order to be able to offer its customers the ability to purchase all of their necessary equipment from one company.  With manufacturing operations in the United States, China, and India, and sales and service personnel located in each respective region of the world, you can be sure we can provide the value and service you are looking for and expect in your technology partner.

Today, WIRTZ technologies include some of the finest state-of-the-art processes.  Our patented CONPUNCH reforming and surfacing process changes the shape and surface finish on all sides of the grid wire members.  The punched grid goes from a smooth surfaced rectangular shaped cross section to a hexagonal or diamond shaped cross section with an irregular rough surface texture.  This dramatically improves paste adhesion and the ease of the paste placement on the grid.  This takes place at punching speeds of 500 grids per minute.  Our pasting lines feature the tightest plate thickness and weight control in the battery industry through servo actuated thickness control.  WIRTZ is developing motor cycle pasting lines that can handle up to 1000 parts per minute.  In battery recycling our MINI-5 BREAKER is a simple cost-effective way to recover lead that is environmentally friendly, upgradeable and compatible with other recycling systems.

International Lead Association

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ILA is the trusted and authoritative trade association representing the global lead industry. Our member companies are at the forefront of lead mining, smelting and recycling and through ILA are working towards a vision of a sustainable global lead industry that is recognised for the positive contribution it makes to society.

ILA takes a leadership role in promoting responsible care and educating society about the benefits of lead for today’s and future generations.  In collaboration with the Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium ILA also supports the development of sustainable markets for lead.

The association provides a range of technical, scientific and communications support for member companies, downstream sectors and the wider lead industry.

For more information please visit ILA and ALABC

Lead Battery Recycling World

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Lead Battery Recycling World is a comprehensive B2B portal for the Lead and Lead Acid Battery industry. Our mission of presenting ‘Lead-Battery-Recycling Portal’ is to promote and nurture the interests of the Lead Industry globally with a substantial worldwide databank of Lead recyclers / manufacturers, traders (marketers and retailers), technology providers, Plant & equipment suppliers and industry consultants.

Founded in 2005, Lead Battery Recycling World makes it easy for thousands of buyers and suppliers around the world to do business online. With worldwide and high brand recognition, we are extending our business field to the global market by providing great value such as more business opportunities, cost saving and convenience.

As part of its strategy to transition into a holistic platform where small and medium companies can build and manage their online business more easily, Lead Battery Recycling World helps small businesses convert into global enterprises by providing them a state of the art online platform using which they can market their products internationally, find genuine buyers and suppliers, satisfy their buying and supplying needs and explore regional and international business opportunities.