18 – 19 September 2017
Kuala Lumpur





Lead, a popular non-ferrous heavy metal with high primary and secondary use, presents complex challenges to the environment and surrounding populations. The ease of recycling lead has, however, resulted in various documented cases of environmental and health concerns due to the metal’s toxicity. Although it is used by many industries in different products, battery manufacturers and lead processors inevitably make the headlines whenever cases of lead poisoning are reported. Affordable, highly efficiency Air Pollution Control (APC) systems are critical facilities for lead-related industries, especially when lead smelting operations pose major health risks. This presentation will address the two basic ventilation principles used in the lead battery manufacturing industry, namely Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) and General Exhaust Ventilation (GEV). It will also cover the optimum design of bag filter dust collector systems and gas scrubber systems.

A.K. Woo
Master Jaya Group
Founder and Chairman