18 – 19 September 2017
Kuala Lumpur





The need for an effective means for clearance from the body of stable and radioactive metals has become particularly relevant in relation to contamination with heavy metals and radionuclide on an unprecedented scale. Adverse radiological conditions are characterized by the possibility of additive adverse effects in addition to the combined effect of several factors, for example, incorporation of heavy metals (HMs) such as lead, copper, cadmium. Among the different methods for the prevention of poisoning, enterosorption plays a notably important role. Pectic substances, such as complex high molecular compounds, have found wide use in treating heavy metals intoxication. Their application in the case radionuclide incorporation is also increasing. A maximum therapeutic and prophylactic effect can be achieved by using a combination of high ester apple pectin. Types of medicine and dietary supplements offered by one of the forms of pectin allows a chelating agent to create a decorporation effect throughout the gastrointestinal tract. ProPectin, a dietary supplement based on apple pectin, is of interest as it ensures sequestration of HMs by decreasing their absorption and speeding their passage. An impaired porphyrin metabolism is considered to be the principal mechanism of lead toxicity and is accompanied by a decrease in the number of synthesized heme groups and an increased content of by-products, namely, Δ-aminolevulinic acid (ALA) and coproporphyrin in blood and urine. Given their specificity for the effect of lead, these indicators are used in the examination of persons exposed to this metal for diagnosis of microsaturnism, addressing the prevention and treatment of lead intoxication. This presentation will describe full-scale tests on workers in one of the largest manufacturers of lead–acid batteries. A prophylactic course with ProPectin was aimed at accelerating the clearance of lead entering the body. Results show a significant reduction of lead exposure after three months of a regular treatment protocol of ProPectin.

Rasvir Mustan
VitaPro International