18 – 19 September 2017
Kuala Lumpur





The CX® Process is acknowledged as Best Available Technology in lead–acid battery recycling. The technology is continuously updated with a focus on reducing environmental impact and meeting the increasingly stringent environmental regulations without penalization of the process costs. Significant design efforts have been made to reduce emissions. These include the introduction of a new means for paste desulfurization, improved off-gas treatment, enhanced efficiency of unit processes, introduction of an engineered charging system, and a new tilting furnace option. Plants with these design improvements have been built throughout the world. The latest advance is the introduction of an electrochemical process for producing high-quality lead from paste. This presentation will report and discuss the new changes in the lead–acid battery flowsheet, together with an update on new and upcoming modifications to the CX plant.

Massimo Sbrosi
Engitec Technologies
Metallurgical Technology & Business Development manager